School Food Animators

The Alberta School Food Animators support the implementation of a farm-to-school food initiative in the Peace Region of Alberta. The Community School Food Animators help build capacity among participating schools and the local communities to improve school food programs using a farm-to-school approach.

We understand that equitable, effective, and sustainable solutions to healthy food are achieved when the local community is actively engaged in the development and implementation of local food systems. As such, the Animator is critical to facilitating, engaging, and strengthening connections within the school community and a variety of stakeholders that influence local school food environments. This includes promoting healthy, local food in schools, enhancing student food literacy, fostering hands-on learning opportunities connected to the school curriculum, and supporting schools and local community food connectedness.

What are we up to?

To learn more about what our Animators are up to, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Amy Soudek & Christine Findlay

Amy and Christine of ONE Nutrition are Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioners with a passion to connect people to food. Their global business successfully meets individuals and families where they are at in unique and transformative ways. As creators of a school food program called Brain Boost Building Blocks that educated students and staff about the power of food for mental health, ONE was very excited to come on board with Alberta Food Matters.
As believers that the time is more fertile than ever to grow student food literacy and increase food security, Amy and Christine both as individuals and a partnership, know that equipping the next generations with food literacy skills, is  one of the greatest ways they can contribute to their community.

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